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Integrated BioRefining – Student Spotlight

April 26, 2012

This semester, through the creative inquiry program at Clemson University, we’ve focused on the use of waste streams as feedstock for production of energy, energy crops, and value added co-products.¬† Dr. Terry Walker and myself have mentored more than 30 students this semester with hands on applications of key biosystems¬†engineering principles. As we continue research […]

Algae Farming 101

October 25, 2011

By: Shwetha Sivakaminathan¬†and Lauren Harroff Last week we had the opportunity to attend a workshop at the UTEX Culture Collection of Algae located at the University of Texas in Austin. Algae include a very diverse range of organisms with differing sizes, shapes, colors and structural components. Microalgae fall into two broad categories: Cyanobacteria or Blue-green […]

Biosystems Engineers Do It in the Dark!

October 11, 2011