Yeast Update

I’m excited to display some of the first photos of our yeast as we continue the purification process using differential media. Our cleanest samples are coming from the untreated apricots we mashed and fermented. Keeping the alcohol content high has helped us to eliminate some bacteria by lowering the ph and increasing the alcohol content. The round spheres are the Saccharomyces. With some further analyses we hope to confirm the small specs are yeast “buds” and not bacteria.Image

Our nectarine samples showed a bit more bacterial contamination, as well as a hint of we hope to confirm as the beloved species in belgian ales – Brettanomyces – which also produces alcohol in addition to a broad spectrum of additional flavor esters.


Our blueberry specimens were the first to burp CO2, however, as you can notice from this sample, we have a lot going on here in addition to our yeast activity. Using our differential media and increasing alcohol concentrations, we will monitor the presence of these other organism until we have isolated only our desired yeast strains.


Thanks for tuning in and following us! We have so much more to post from our summer research. Stay tuned for a video of our first oil extraction from the BSF composting system and improvements to our BSF Digester!


One Response to “Yeast Update”

  1. BSF = Black Soldier Flies 🙂

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